Hello friends, my name is Michael, and I'm an ex-IBM'er. An experienced Linux System Administrator with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. A geek, a gamer, and a blogger who loves to constantly seek for new technology solutions and educate myself & others.

os xp

osx, android, ios, aix, hp-ux, linux, unix, ubuntu, redhat, suse, windows, vmware esxi.

tech xp

jenkins, docker, puppet, DNS, DHCP, vmware, custom PXE, ansible, kubernetes, IoT, atlassian products (WIKI, JIRA), XIV Storage.

dev xp (noob)

c, c++, python, perl, bash, javascript, SQL

I've decided to create sudopigeon.com as a way to give back to the open-source community from which I have learned a lot over the years.

sudopigeon.com's goal is to help, share knowledge, learn about linux/unix operating systems, security, web applications, web hosting, gaming on linux, servers, single board computers. Leverage the information and technology to acheive the skill we want, or the solution we need for our business or career.

sudopigeon.com is it for you?

Short answer is: Maybe.

My journey with linux operating systems started from a very young age. I was about 14 back then. There was something in me that wanted to explore this world.

I believe that you can and even should start learning about linux in at a young age. The younger you dive into the linux world, the easier it will get.

Over the years, some distributions got more attantion and some got less, but overall, there are a lot of similarities between a lot of them and that is a good thing.

Hope you will find the content in my website useful, and that it will help you get where you need. Please let me know if there is something I should change or make it better.

For special requests, please don't hasitate to get in touch, I will do my best to help, and get back to you as soon as possible. Also, Come and say hello in sudopigeon.com's discord server.

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